Toys for Tots Reaches Children in Need Year-Round


(NewsUSA) - Most people think of Marine Toys for Tots as the flagship Children’s Christmastime charity, but it is much more. The organization continues to seek more ways to support children in need throughout the year.     

“Toys for Tots distributed three million toys, games and books to COVID-19-impacted families through its DoGoodNow campaign over the past two years. Our support was desperately needed and so well received that we want to continue to do more --  at Christmastime and beyond. For the third year in a row, we’ll be partnering with our friends at Good360 and will expand upon our DoGoodNow initiative by distributing another one million toys, books and games to families with children in need,” says LtGen Jim Laster, President & CEO of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.     

He continues, “Our support doesn’t stop there. We want to be able to reach even more underprivileged children through other avenues. This summer, Marine Toys for Tots expands the DoGoodNow campaign with Summer of Smiles. One way Toys for Tots delivers summertime smiles is by providing support to children in the foster care system.”     

On June 3rd, staff members from the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation teamed with Wendy Chadwell, local Coordinator for Middle Georgia, to distribute educational gifts and bring hope to children in Georgia’s foster care system. The Foundation provided educational toys, books, games, and school supplies, and volunteers filled 476 brand-new backpacks to the brim to provide to local foster care children! The gifts were received by the local District Foster Care Coordinators who represented eleven surrounding counties and will be given directly to children in the local foster care program.     

This initiative is just one of many that allows the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to provide support to underprivileged children beyond the holiday season.     

“It is Marine Toys for Tots’ mission to bring hope and joy to more children in need every year -- even beyond the holidays,” explains LtGen Laster. “That is why we distributed educational toys, books, games,school supplies and backpacks to the local District Foster Care Coordinators in Middle Georgia. This initiative was our first step in supporting children in foster care,” LtGen Laster adds.     

“These children leave their homes with only a small plastic bag of their belongings. Marine Toys for Tots wants to give foster care children not only something tangible to take with them as they move, but also some tools and hope for a brighter tomorrow.”   

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