Seek Sound Investment Advice for Financial Success


(NewsUSA) - After years in the shadows of trendy tech stocks, solid value stocks are having their moment. Opportunistic value investors who are willing to go against the trends can acquire stocks cheaply, and benefit from generous dividends over time.

If you are a value investor or looking to get into more value stocks or seeking other financial guidance, having the right investment advice is essential, as the options can be confusing and overwhelming.

Regular investment newsletters from competent authorities can help investors sort through the mountain of stock information and make smart decisions that work for them.

When choosing an investment newsletter, keep these factors in mind to separate the experts from the fly-by-nighters.

- Broad base. A quality investment newsletter offers information about a diversified portfolio and a broad base of investment themes. The best investment newsletters provide details of what individual stock and other assets the experts are into; look for newsletters with information about capital gains over the medium- to long-term, and generating dividends.

- Access to material. At the end of the day, your investment decisions are your own, but it is important to be informed, and the right investment newsletter offers current and complete access to research material.

- Expert knowledge. Learn what the experts recommend, and what sectors they are investing in and why. The best investment newsletters offer new ideas and updates via trade alerts.

- Share with others. Investment newsletters that offer members' forums as well as expert Q&A sections are especially helpful for making sound decisions. Member forums are a rare and valuable feature, so look for them when choosing an investment newsletter. You can take advantage of the knowledge and experience of fellow newsletter subscribers and learn tips from them, as well as from the expert newsletter authors, on long-term wealth building across a range of sectors or investment classes.

- Resources. The best investment newsletters provide the background that their experts use in making their own investment decisions; you get a window into their thought process that will add to your understanding and appreciation of their recommendations.

- Reputation. For more proof that you are choosing a quality investment newsletter, you can check out what others are saying on a reputable review site such as

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