MyFreePharmacy Takes the Pain Out of Filling Prescriptions


(NewsUSA) - As the ongoing coronavirus pandemic highlights the importance of maintaining good health, many Americans continue to struggle with the cost of health care, especially prescription medications. In fact, many people are overcharged for medications, even for generic drugs, according to leading experts and as highlighted in a 2018 in-depth expose' shown on PBS.

MyFreePharmacy, a new membership service launched in 2017, makes paying for prescriptions easier and more affordable. The company offers more than 600 medications for a flat monthly fee that includes standard shipping. Strategic partnerships make it possible for MyFreePharmacy to control costs and make prescriptions more affordable for everyone, including those without health insurance. MyFreePharmacy also offers a more affordable option for those whose insurance deductibles are so high that they never meet them, which means they typically pay full price for medications.

"MyFreePharmacy currently mails out truckloads of FREE prescriptions nationwide every month to our members," says founder Doug Behrens. "The program is a game changer -- where else can you get FREE prescriptions? We want to make a difference out there, and we are doing it for our members, one prescription at a time," he explains.

The membership plan involves four easy steps.

- Sign up. Simply visit to sign up for a membership card.

- Search. Review the MyFreePharmacy list of medications. They offer not only prescription drugs for chronic and acute conditions, but also over-the-counter products such as acetaminophen, allergy medications and vitamins.

- ePrescribe or Transfer. Your prescriptions can be transferred or e-prescribed by your doctor, who can send prescriptions with the click of a button. Or if you are transferring a script, MyFreePharmacy will handle it for you while you sit back and relax.

- Receive. Your medications are processed and shipped the same day and will be delivered to your home in one to three days.

MyFreePharmacy is working to change the way Americans get their prescriptions. They take the stress and high costs out of the equation by helping consumers control their costs without sacrificing quality. For safety and security, all medications are shipped through the U.S. Postal Service, with a standard shipping time of one to three days.

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